Hypercard redefines benefits with an exclusive AMEX-integrated credit card, harmonizing company and employee needs while simplifying processes and enriching lifestyles.

  1. Client engagement at Daybreak Studio
Worked on`
  1. Brand Language, Art Direction, Mark Design, 3D Vis, Product Design,
  1. Figma, Photoshop, Blender
  1. Taha Hossain, Aliasger Rasheed, Benya Sutyanyong, Zilin Deng, PJ Musselman, Lovish Saini, Vanessa Bahk, Javier Pardina, Mario Domingas, Ross Chan

Hypercard Rewards

In today's corporate landscape, employee benefits have evolved into more than just perks; they are now a critical component of attracting and retaining top talent. However, despite significant investments by companies into these benefits, employees often find them challenging to access and derive value from.

Hypercard aims to revolutionize employee benefits by introducing a company-provided personal credit card. This card seamlessly combines the exclusivity of the AMEX network with Hypercard's lifestyle benefits, delivering them directly into the pockets of employees. Hypercard approached us with a unique challenge: crafting a solution that not only highlights this benefits revolution but also appeals to both endorsing companies and their employees."

Crafting Hypercard

At Daybreak Studio, I played a pivotal role in shaping Hypercard's visual identity and brand ethos. I co-created the wordmark and typography system, foundational elements that embody the brand's essence. My involvement extended to directing the production of 3D assets, including visualizations of the card and refracting glass, crucial for marketing and brand representation. Additionally, I contributed to the design of the engraved metal cards, ensuring they harmonized with the brand's digital presence. My focus was on creating a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints, blending conceptual thinking with practical execution, reflecting a holistic approach to brand development.